80 LED Outdoor Solar Powered Motion Sensor Security Light

80 LED Outdoor Solar Powered Motion Sensor Security Light

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The 80 LED Outdoor Solar Powered Sensor Security Light

The 80 LED  improves safety and security around your home or business by casting light on problematic, dark areas near buildings, front and back yards, pool areas, courtyards and more.

The bright, white 80 LED panel emits 900 Lumens for exceptional visibility late at night. The light is powered by an integrated battery, which is charged by the supplied solar panel to cut down on energy costs

The motion and light sensor, and the lamp itself features adjustable settings to be sure the light will only come on under your specified conditions. 

  • 80 LED emits 900 Lumens
  • Light sensor stays on between 5 seconds to 2 minutes (saves battery life and ensures the lamp has power when you really need it)
  • Both the light and solar panel are housed in durable ABS plastic and aluminum for durability and finished with a weatherproof seal
Easy to install. 
Light shell Material:  Durable ABS Plastic & Aluminum construction 
Bright White 80 LED panel 
Motion & Light sensors:  Adjustable sensitivity, Auto shut off, Adjustable 5 - 120 second.
High-efficiency 6-Volt solar panel 
Durable, weatherproof housing 
Light Output: 900 Lumens 
Power: 3.7-Volt Li-ion rechargeable battery